Time and Tenacity


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England, 1815: The Napoleonic Wars might be ending, but the future is not looking bright for 23-year-old Jane Farnsworth. While her three sisters have their own families and establishments; plain, insecure Jane is still in the care of her cold baronet uncle, watching her own marriage prospects dwindle away faster than her dreams of being a writer.

Then Jane meets Mr. Granger, a handsome stranger who claims to be a time traveler. In a swirl of magic dust, Jane and her sisters- fretful Cassandra, curious Eleanor, and petulant Isabella- find themselves in 2015, a world with strange machines and even stranger people. To get home, they must help Mr. Granger get his time machine back. Along the way, however, some of them start questioning how much they really want to return- and all of them get caught in the middle of a history-wide conspiracy to which they have more connection than they could ever imagine.

In her debut novel, author Hannah Vale offers an exciting re-imagining of Jane Austen’s timeless classic Pride and Prejudice that will appeal to anyone who has ever dreamed of a time machine of their own.