Once Upon My Mind


When she sees a fire-breathing dragon flying over the skies of her quiet North Texas suburb, 16-year-old Rachel MacDonald quickly realizes that this is not going to be a typical weekend.

It turns out that Fabula, the magical land from her favorite childhood book which she has mentally retreated to via her own stories, is a very real place and now she and her family are in very real danger from those set on no less than literally re-writing history. With the help of a handsome prince, a dubious thief, and other characters she has known almost all of her life but has just begun to get to know, Rachel sets forth on a mission to save both their world and hers. Along the way, she’ll have to face ruthless wizards, shifty mermaids, treacherous pirates, fickle fairies, and, perhaps most unnerving of all, the need to let a new chapter start in her own life.

Coming Soon!