2018: The year of Once Upon My Mind!

img_1202At the beginning of this year, I wrote that my next novel, Once Upon My Mind, which I have been working on for fourteen years, seemed like the perfect novel for 2017. Well, the sad news is, it looks like 2017 will miss out on being the year of Once Upon My Mind by a mere six days.

That’s right, the happy news is that I am tentatively circling (never promising anything ever again) Saturday, January 6, 2018 as the release date for both the print and Kindle editions of Once! Why a Saturday? Other than it being the weekend, January 6th happens to be three years to the day since an episode of the beloved game show Jeopardy! aired featuring a certain at-the-time aspiring author and librarian…


…who told Alex Trebek that because she made it to the show, she would honor a promise she made at the auditions a year and a half before to name a character in the fantasy novel she was working on after him (and then proceeded to wipe out in the second round and not make it to Final Jeopardy, but then she and her sister went to Disneyland and rode Star Tours three times in a row, so it was all cool.)

Plus, with a royal baby and a royal wedding in the wings, 2018 seems like an even better year to release the story of a teenage girl, a young prince, and their quest to save both her Texas suburban library and his kingdom! As always, be sure to follow this blog and my Facebook page for the latest updates.

P.S. If Alex Trebek or any of the awesome folks at Jeopardy! are reading this, you get a free copy! I’d love to at least see a video of Alex’s reaction.

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