Happy Thanksgiving from Hannah!

Credit: Some unknown person who I would buy all the greeting cards from if they made them.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers and happy Doctor Who Day to my readers world-wide this week! I so wish I could supplement my felicitations with a happy update on my next book, Once Upon My Mind, but it looks like the story has much more extensive problems than I previously thought and now won’t be ready until at least early December.

In the midst of all the editing and polishing, I’m still faithfully updating my gratitude journal  every night. Despite a difficult year– with not only my Once release plans repeatedly crumbling, but the unexpected passing of two dear friends and needing to temporarily (I hope!) set aside my efforts to help refugees and other recent immigrants– I still find small but significant things to be thankful for, including but not limited to warm blankets, beautiful weather for biking, getting my seasonal allergies under better control, and my growing list of enthusiastic Time and Tenacity fans!

Speaking of Time, in celebration of Thanksgiving (and 54 years of Doctor Who!), the Kindle edition of Time and Tenacity will be FREE this Thursday, November 23rd through next Monday, November 27th. If you’ve already got your copy, please encourage your friends and family to add one to their cart when they’re doing their Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday shopping! I’ll be taking some off-line time to clean house, make cranberry sauce, and work some more on Once. I’ll be back next week with a Once update, so please be sure to follow this site and my Facebook page!




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