Once Upon My Final Release Date Change (Really!)

October is almost gone (got my fairy wings ready for Halloween!), and as you have probably noticed, there were no updates on Once Upon My Mind as well as none of the bonus content from Time and Tenacity I promised.


I have been working on Once since 2003 and when it came time earlier this year to get it ready for publishing, guess what: I found about fourteen years’ worth of continuity errors and inconsistent characterization. I have my dear friend Cara to thank for pointing out some problems were much more extensive than I realized. With Colbie Gray Books being such a small publishing house (as in, entirely made up of my awesomely hard-working family and me), it took a lot longer than I expected to make the changes while still working my day job and making sure Georgie, Jane, and Lizzy weren’t living in squalor.

I am very close to making all the fixes needed, but I need just a little more working space. So for what I promise is the last time, I am delaying the release on Once Upon My Mind, this time by one week to Tuesday, November 14th. While you will have to wait one week longer, I promise the results will be a much more satisfying experience than if I just threw everything the way it was in Scribus and called it a day. I still haven’t forgotten that there’s a surprise for you as well, plus another very special one you’ll find out about on release day!

While you’re waiting, please consider buying a print copy of the second edition of Time and Tenacity to help local organizations working with those affected by the recent disasters in Northern California, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I’ll go ahead and extend that fundraiser to next Monday, November 6th. Thank you so much for your patience and I look forward to sharing more with you soon!

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