It’s Time for another Time and Tenacity Update!

Sunday, September 24th, is the 22nd anniversary of the first episode of the 1995 “Colin Firth takes a swim because of course he does” Pride and Prejudice miniseries. I’ll leave you to (politely!) fight it out in the comments whether it’s the “best” adaptation, but other than the original novel, it probably had the most influence on Time and Tenacity, from the obvious (let’s face it, “Laurence Darcy, and yes that’s my real name” wouldn’t have the same ring to it) to the less so (Gillian Bennet was partially modeled after Jennifer Ehle’s Lizzy.)

Also, I totally mentally read every one of Edward’s lines in this guy’s voice.

So, in a way, it’s a rather appropriate date to release the second print edition of Time and Tenacity! Jane will still run away with Riley, but I have rewritten some small sections to make the story flow clearer. There’s also a fun surprise at the beginning of the book to help you keep the characters sorted! (It’s not chocolate, sorry.)

The current print edition of Time will be unavailable to purchase starting this Thursday, September 14, so I can proof the second edition. The Kindle edition will still be available to purchase or read on Kindle Unlimited. If you bought the first print edition and would like a free second edition, please message me. Stay tuned to this site in October for some Time bonus content and more information about my next book, Once Upon My Mind!