Once Upon My Update

onceuponmymind_titlepageWith the arrival of March this week comes two sad commemorations in my life. This Thursday will mark 15 years since my (paternal) grandfather died after a long illness, and then the next Thursday will mark 10 years since my (maternal) grandmother died from complications following routine knee replacement surgery.

These losses are sad, but to me they are not hopeless, as even death has its redeeming qualities. I don’t even mean this strictly in a religious sense; even the Doctor said things have to end, otherwise nothing would ever get started. I started Once Upon My Mind shortly after my grandfather’s death and had an unwanted, but cathartic, opportunity to work through my multiple feelings after my grandmother’s unexpected loss alongside Rachel, my protagonist, as she similarly worked through her feelings resulting from the seemingly arbitrary loss of her mother.

My presence on this site and on Facebook will be minimal in March as I put the finishing touches on Once‘s story, interior design, and cover, but I look forward to sharing some excerpts, character profiles, and maybe even a little special extra or two in April!