Happy New Year (and New Book!)

Thanks Pinterest!

Hope you’ve had a lovely 2017 so far. While I’ve never been very diligent about the whole New Year’s resolutions thing, after wasting too much of 2016 with a dour, ungrateful attitude, a family member’s post about a gratitude jar on Facebook inspired me this year. Since I never have enough jars around, I decided to do a gratitude journal instead. Every day I write down at least five things I’m thankful for from that day, with the intent to read over it next New Year’s Eve and remind myself of all the good that happened throughout the year.

And one of the things I’m the most thankful for lately is the progress I’m making on finalizing my next book, Once Upon My Mind. I’ve actually been working on this one since 2003, but it feels like the perfect book for 2017 because Rachel, my protagonist, must learn to let go after an unexpected loss and embrace new beginnings in her life. The book has action, comedy, assorted fantasy creatures, and homemade Pop-Tarts.

I saw the work-in-progress version of the cover a few weeks ago from my amazing older sister/cover designer and it possibly looks even more stunning than Time and Tenacity‘s. I’m excited to share the cover, as well as more information about the book, with you in the weeks to come!