Happy Holidays from Hannah! (Yes, I do admire alliteration.)

Finding Christmas joy even at Medical City Dallas.

As 2016 comes closer to the end, I’d love to share one of those glowing holiday letter-type updates with every exciting detail of my amazing year, but right now I’m really kind of worn out.

You see, 2016 has actually been a rather trying year for me. Two family members had serious health issues, which is why you didn’t see as many blog posts or Time and Tenacity extras as I was hoping to have shared with you. Despite this, I refuse to label 2016 an “annus horribilis.” Something I’ve learned from my relatively short time on this earth is the only difference between a “bad” year and a “good” year is how much I allow my mind to overstate the bad events (though they do have legitimate, lingering consequences) and marginalize the good. And a lot of good things have happened this year including, but not limited to, my first novel, a wedding in my family, beautiful scenery, seeing Doctor Who on the big screen, the Olympics, and, hey, the Cubs finally winning the World Series!

I’m going to spend these last two weeks of 2016 making as many more positive memories as I can, then I’ll be back here and on Facebook in 2017 with more Time bonus content, more stories from my life on this blog, and more details about my next book. Until then, my sincerest wishes for a joyful, peaceful holiday season!